Cashback Credit Cards for Business Owners

Cashback Credit Cards for Business Owners

Business owners can choose from a variety of credit cards, including low interest credit cards, rewards credit cards, cash back credit cards, and more. Many cash back credit cards are featured with discounts at locations of Shell, Alamo, and other merchants. Cash back can be redeemed for gas, travel expenses, business entertainment, merchandise, and much more.

If you are looking for Canadian cash back credit cards, you will find plenty of lucrative offers, featured by the big banks and second-tier banking establishments. The American Express Business Card allows cardholders to earn up to $1,250 in cash rebates, depending on the months they are carrying a balance and their spending habits. The card is offered with an annual interest rate of 19.99 percent, and flexible terms to pay outstanding balances over time. In should be noted that rates may increase up to 25.99 percent, depending on one’s payment record. There is no annual fee, and additional cards can be requested for one’s employees free-of-charge. The card is offered with disability plan for small business insurance. In addition, cardholders are entitled to emergency card replacement and travel accident insurance. Online reporting and expense management tools are another beneficial feature. Finally, cardholders enjoy front of the line entertainment. The card can be used for a variety of business purchases such as entertainment, office supplies, business travel, and more. Clients earn up to 2 percent cashback. In terms of payment options, there are different ways you can do this. You can pay your account at an automated teller machine, at your local bank branch, or through Internet banking. You can also pay it by telephone or by mail.

It should be noted that this card is offered by various financial institutions in Canada, and fees may apply. In addition, clients must qualify annually in order to receive rebates. Rebates are calculated on purchases charged to the card only. Certain restrictions and conditions may apply as well.

Another credit card suitable for business owners is the BMO CashBack MasterCard for Business. The card goes with no annual fee and allows clients to earn cash back and get rebates to their accounts. Cardholders earn 0.5 percent cash back on all purchases charged to the card, as well as 1.5 percent on purchases at locations of Alamo Rent A Car, Shell, and National Car Rental. The CashBack MasterCard for Business is featured with no annual fee and 19.5 percent interest rate or annual fee of $50 a year and low interest of 12.9 percent. One beneficial feature of this card is BMO Premium BizAssist, going with online business support 24/7. This service is offered for $149 a year. MasterCard Easy Savings is another service that allows automatic rebates offered at participating merchants. Supplemental employee cards are also offered, allowing business owners to delegate purchasing authority. Thanks to the liability waiver program offered with this card, one’s business is protected against employee abuse.

If you prefer reward credit cards, you can check the American Express Business Gold Rewards Card, American Express Business Platinum Card, and a variety of other cards.