Buying Guide: Best Folding Tables For Camping In 2022

Buying Guide: Best Folding Tables For Camping In 2022

Looking to find the best folding tables for camping? A folding table for camping is an essential piece of kit and it is something you will use multiple times per day so it will need to be strong and sturdy, yet lightweight and portable.

There are so many different kinds of camping tables on the market that it can be hard to decide on the type that will suit you and your group. 

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So we have put together this handy list of the best folding tables for camping, with a look at their features and why we recommend them.

folding table for camping

What To Look For When Buying Folding Tables For Camping

When choosing camping tables, there are a few important features to look out for.


Heavy items are a no-no when it comes to camping, so you need to look for a camping table that is as lightweight as possible whilst still delivering the strength you need. 

The best folding tables for camping are usually made from aluminum, which not only ticks these boxes but is also durable and easy to clean.

In addition to being lightweight, make sure the table you choose folds to a compact size. This will make it easier to carry, but also means it will take up less storage space in between trips. 

Look out for extra useful features for portability, such as built-in handles or an included carry bag.


Good quality folding tables for camping should be very stable, allowing you to either prepare food on them or eat at them without fear of wobbling or collapsing! Check that any joints are strong and that any folding parts will lock securely into place. 

The frame of the table should be strong and rubberized feet can be a real bonus, as they protect against slipping.

If you regularly camp in areas with rough terrain, then consider a table with legs that can be adjusted independently. These are perfect for uneven ground and prevent any annoying wobbling.

Adjustable Height

It is very likely that you will want to use your camping table for a variety of tasks, from preparing meals to sitting down and eating them. So you may want to choose a model that gives you the option to easily adjust the height.

Be sure to check the minimum and maximum heights of the table you choose and whether it can be adjusted to any height, or only pre-set levels.

Ease Of Assembly

When you arrive at your camping ground, the last thing you want to be doing is spending ages assembling all your gear. So make sure that you buy a folding camping table that is easy to put together.

Some feature a simple design that requires no more than unfolding and locking into place, whereas others may have a separate tabletop and frame that need to be connected together. 

In either case, assembly should take no more than a few minutes, allowing you to spend less time setting up and more time having fun!

Top 7 Foldable Camping Tables

Here are our favorite foldable tables for camping, all offering the stability and durability you need for your outdoor adventures.

Camp Field Camping Table With Adjustable Legs

The perfect size for family camping, this sturdy table can hold up to 66 pounds in weight. It is quick and easy to assemble and we love the convenience of the lightweight storage shelves.

Made from waterproof canvas, they are easily attached with Velcro and give you plenty of space to keep the ingredients for your meal to hand. They are also well sealed, so you don’t need to worry about bugs getting to your food!

The legs are simple to adjust to the perfect height and the tabletop locks for stability when open, so it is comfortable to work on.

Made from a lightweight aluminum alloy, this table folds to a slim size and has rubber handles that make it very comfortable to carry.

Coleman Outdoor Folding Table

The Coleman Outdoor Folding Table is an ultra-compact folding table for camping, with a tabletop measuring 8″ x 8″ and a height of 28.5″. At just 9 pounds, it is very lightweight, too, yet still provides enough seating space for four people.

It has a well-designed aluminum slat top and a strong frame, which make the entire unit feel very stable. 

It is also very straightforward to put together. The legs fold out (just like a camping chair) and the top stretches over them and then snaps into place –  a simple process that takes less than five minutes!

Unlike some surfaces that stain easily, the aluminum top of this table wipes clean in seconds. At the end of your trip, everything can be quickly disassembled and packed into the lightweight storage bag provided.

REDCAMP Aluminum Camping Table

Available in a variety of sizes, the REDCAMP Table is one of the most popular tables that fold for camping because it is just so well made! Set-up takes just 30 seconds and the table adjusts to three different heights.

We particularly like the fact that you can adjust the height of the feet separately. This makes it easy to keep the table level on uneven ground. 

Another little bonus with this table is the strip of hanging hooks attached to it, ideal for bags or cooking utensils. It is also very easy to clean – a quick wipe with a damp cloth and you’re done.

U-shaped side support, a thickened aluminum frame, and a secure latch ensure stability, whilst the entire table folds to a slim size for storage.

Portable Telescoping Table And Folding Stool

Unlike most folding camping tables, this model features an unusual telescopic design. 

This structure and the modified plastic from which it is made give it a great deal of strength and rigidity. So much, in fact, that it has a central load capacity of 396 pounds and a unilateral load capacity of 3.3 pounds.

Measuring 27″ x 15″ when unfolded, it collapses into an easy-to-carry 12″ x 3.4″ x 2.8″ disc. It weighs just 4.1 pounds so that – combined with its compact size – makes it easy to pack into your backpack or luggage.

Assembly couldn’t be simpler and you can stretch the table to the desired height using a clockwise motion. You have 12 different heights to choose from, ranging from just 2.6″ to 18″, making this is very versatile camping table that could be used in a variety of ways.

CampLand Aluminum Table

These high-quality folding tables for camping are made from sturdy aluminum and come in a range of sizes. The slatted top is easy to clean and has a roll-up design that makes assembly quick and easy.

You can adjust the height until you find one that’s comfortable to work with and we love the fact that each leg can be adjusted individually. If you’ve ever camped on rough terrain and experienced the table wobbling as a result, you’ll know just how useful this feature is!

This particular model has a generous work surface and can hold up to 66 pounds in weight. But despite the strength and stability it offers, it is still very easy to carry, weighing just 10 pounds.

We love the bag that comes with this table. Not only does it accommodate the table itself but it also gives you an extra compartment for cooking supplies.

NiceC Folding Table With Cooler Built-In

Perfect for an evening around the campfire, this foldable camping table comes with a built-in cooler compartment. With a large capacity and insulated casing, you can use it to keep your foods and drinks cool as you enjoy your outdoor activities. 

It even comes with four reinforced drinks holders and a compartment in the middle to place your snack bowl – a fun touch and very convenient too!

The table – made from very lightweight but durable material – weighs just under 3.5 pounds. It is waterproof and easy to clean, plus folds down in seconds for portability. 

Its clever design uses sturdy straps at each corner that attach to the bottom of each leg, creating a stiff and level surface that you can use without fear of collapse.

PORTAL Camping Table Foldable Portable With Adjustable Legs

Perfect for family camping, this table gives you plenty of space to work on. An especially useful feature is the removable mesh layer that gives you loads of extra storage space within easy reach.

This table is designed to work well on any terrain, with non-slip rubber feet and retractable legs that can be adjusted in height for stability and ease of use. 

Capable of supporting up to 66 pounds in weight, it has a snap design that is easy to put together, with collapsible joints, an adjustable height lock, and an aluminum roll-top.

Stain-resistant and easy to clean, this durable camping table weighs just 9 pounds and comes with its own carry bag.

Final Thoughts On Folding Tables For Camping

I hope this guide to the best folding tables for camping has helped you find a model that’s easy to take along on your next trip and that provides all the features you need. Happy camping!

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