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Book Benidorm Hotels For Fantastic Theme Parks

Book Benidorm Hotels For Fantastic Theme Parks

Benidorm is one of the most fantastic destinations in Europe. Us Brits often look down upon it, and it seems as though this is for no good reason at all. You can get incredible discounts on Benidorm hotels and flights to this destination and tourists take advantage of this every year. It is often regarded as a holiday location that low-income earners visit, which are mainly the young male clientele in their low 20s. More people need to know just how much fun a holiday in this Spanish town can be, especially with all the incredible theme parks!

Lovers of water rides will adore the Aqualandia Water Park, which is also situated in Benidorm. There are three types of ride at this park including Splash, Black Hole and Big Bang. It all depends on what type of ride you wish to go on as they all have a certain scariness factor. Splash is ideally for young kids or older adults that want the thrill of a ride without the worry of their whole life flashing before their eyes. Black Hole is a step up from this, catering for those that want a more exciting ride without the dreaded Big Bang experience. Big Bang, as you can imagine, is not for the faint hearted. This ride really does take things up a notch, and you should only face up to challenge if you’re feeling brave enough.

The Terra Mitikia is one of Europe’s most exciting theme parks and is one of Benidorm’s main attractions. It really does have something for the whole family and all fear thresholds. Don’t worry if you prefer a quieter day out, as those not in favour of an adrenalin rush can take advantage of the more gentle and relaxing options, including some fantastic water rides. The park has up to 15 rides for particularly young children, and there are of course the more fearsome for those that crave a challenge. Make sure you take advantage of all the rides here as you’ll find it difficult to get round to all of them. For the best value for money you should book a two-day pass, as this will ensure you make the most of the facilities available. There are five different sections of the park that are all set to a particular theme based on certain countries. You can explore Egypt, Greece and Rome to name a few, and this provides countless hours of fun. There are shows as well, where actors re-enact well known stories of the ancient Mediterranean. There are lots of theme parks around Benidorm hotels that attract lots of people and there are a total of four that serve for a variety of interests.

With so many theme parks around Benidorm its no wonder that people are taking advantage of this fantastic Spanish resort. Temperatures hit the mid 30s in the summer, often getting unbearably hot. Make sure you pack lots of sun cream for this holiday, and book in advance for the best deals with hotels in Benidorm.