Best Cocktails in Quito Ecuador Casa Gangotena

Best Cocktails in Quito Ecuador Casa Gangotena

Artwork arrives in quite a few varieties, but I hadn’t thought of just one of individuals kinds in a cocktail. And I unquestionably hadn’t anticipated to uncover an completed mixology artist in Quito Ecuador. But often the very best encounters are when you least expect it.

After a long day of touring close to Quito, I sat down for a cocktail at Casa Gangotena in the heart of Quito Aged City. When sitting at the open air rooftop terrace, I go through the never-ending cocktail menu and was instantly intrigued. It wasn’t just significant, but it was unusual…really strange.

Bourbon, Gin, AND IPA all in the similar cocktail…wait…did I browse that right?

Telling a Story in a Glass

Casa Gangotena’s FIESTA cocktails had been developed to get you on a consuming tour via some of Ecuador’s loveliest provinces and towns, celebrating the wealth of unique indigenous ingredients generally loved in each and every of these areas throughout preferred festivals. This was not just a cocktail, this was an knowledge in a glass. From the aromas, to the substances, to the tastes, to the glass by itself, it explained to a complete tale.

Fiesta Menu

For the Fiesta menu they researched the region the place the fiesta was held, established essential components and flavors, and produced a elaborate consume that would be more than only thirst quenching…it would be transporting.

mixology cocktail menu quito
Fiesta del Maiz cocktail

I chose to begin with the Fiesta del Maiz cocktail. The pageant is a harvest celebration held in September in the northern province of Imbabura. The blend of bourbon, gin, and beer intrigued and perplexed me I had to consider it. It came out in a wonderful ceramic glass with a lid on leading that held corn nuts and other crunchy goodness. You merely took the lid off and you had a tiny plate of nibblies to have with the cocktail – it was gorgeous and ingenious!

I’m gonna say it…it was in all probability just one of the greatest cocktails I’ve ever experienced. The flavors were brilliant and refreshing (normally good in a very hot country), and the minimal bites of corn nuts enhanced the whole expertise.

As I watched the other unusual beverages appear out for our team, I was equally amazed with the other cocktails and eyeglasses. Other festivals and flavors are represented on the menu like the Diablada de Píllaro the Devil’s Dance Competition held in the province of Tungurahua south of Quito. The competition celebrates indigenous liberation and rebel from colonialism. And the cocktail contains rum, apple, ginger, sizzling pepper, hominy juice and goldenberry – all served up in an ingenious container that seems to be like the satan.

You can see the total lineup of competition cocktails here.

The Artistry Goes Beyond the Drink to the Glass

I have constantly been intrigued with the vessel in which a cocktail development is served. I’m partial to the mid-century modern day eyeglasses that choose you back again in time when you see them. I’ve also been curious about the Belgian beer glasses that improve the famed Belgian beers. But this pageant menu took cocktail glasswear to a new stage.

When the fiesta menu was established, Director of Mixology Jossimar Lujan partnered with a regional pottery artist, Claudia Anhalzer to support make the tale of the cocktail. Substantially like a ebook deal with is significant to a e book, glassware is what residences this liquid tale and also need to be a component of the memorable encounter.

I experienced the enjoyment of going to stop by Claudia at her workshop (arranged by Casa Gangotena) in Quito’s historic heart. The petite artist met us at the door and led us up to her rooftop studio.

Claudia showed us the variations of prototypes that obtained her and Jossimar to the concluded item. They labored as a staff to occur up with the types and even engaged artisans from the locations of the festivals to collaborate with.

Once they decided on the appropriate ‘book cover’ for each and every story, she produced 25 of every single glass/container for the bar.

Mixology Taken to a New Stage

And who is the ‘mad mixologist’ guiding these creations? I experienced the enjoyment of assembly Director of Mixology Jossimar Lujan immediately after remaining wowed by his cocktail creations. And I didn’t just meet him – I experienced a total line up of questions for him.

Jossimar Lujan master mixologist quito
Jossimar Lujan

The person was whole of surprises starting up with, he does not actually drink. He stated that he once in a while has a beer. I was so surprised by this comment that it remaining me speechless for a little bit. How could a person generate the greatest cocktails in Quito (some of the most effective I have ever had in the planet), and not even drink them?!

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Which is when I discovered it’s all about the flavors, preferences, and science.

He commences generally by breaking down the flavors very first. For the Fiesta del Maiz cocktail he described that he wanted to use grains to honor the pageant harvest concept. He selected to perform with Bourbon to highlight the grains. He preferred something bitter, so he brought in the hoppiness from the IPA. He needed tart, and used the goldenberry popular from that place. Then it’s a make a difference of getting equilibrium in the drink as nicely as taking into consideration the coloration.

Coloration? Yes…color.

This is exactly where issues definitely bought fascinating to me.

best cocktails in quito ecuador

He talked about how he was distilling components to use in the drink so that they would have intensive flavor but no color. I was very bewildered by this thought – when I think of distilling – I consider of the course of action to make liquor. But he was chatting about a total other amount of distilling products and solutions.

That is when I acquired about the lab…

Industry Vacation to the Mixology Lab

I followed Jossimar by way of the again-of-household and into the basement of Casa Gangotena, via the parking garage and into a tiny brightly lit home. In a unusual way – it felt like a fitting place for a mad mixology scientist.

A major equipment sat on the desk spinning a bottle. There were being beakers and bottles on the table that had tape on them with handwritten names. The white board was complete of numbers and measurements. And there had been industrial refridgerators complete of plastic baggage and bottles of liquid.

I experienced truly just walked into a mad scientist’s lab.

Distilling Is not Just for Liquor

The machine was a distiller, but as a substitute of distilling matters like gin or whiskey – this was a little version that happened to be distilling peach yogurt at the time.

mixology lab

He pointed to the miniature distiller machine where the bottle was spinning and said that they had been at present distilling peach yogurt. I was puzzled at 1st – I experienced hardly ever at any time considered why you would want to distill matters like peach yogurt. Jossimar stated that there are instances when you do not want use a bitters, amaro, or oil/essence – you just want the powerful flavor in a clear liquid form for the cocktails. This is purely about style and presentation/color.

He put a drop of the crystal clear distilled peach yogurt on my finger to consider. I licked it off my finger. This single tiny very clear fall of liquid packed a effective punch it performed tips with your senses. It was a fall of liquid that tasted as if you had been taking in peach yogurt a tart and sweet combo in a offer you would not be expecting.

He defined that by distilling it, you can use smaller quantities to infuse powerful taste and not increase coloration to the cocktail. I considered about it and recognized once I regarded what a spoon of peach yogurt added to a drink would search like…not quite appetizing right?

He ongoing to present me close to the small lab letting me taste several infusions and syrups that were made in the lab to try out out new flavors, textures, and in the end cocktail tales. All of these factors arrive into engage in when Jossimar results in a consume. He’s hunting for the great blend of flavors.
This took mixology to a full new level that I did not even know was doable.

But it does demonstrate why the cocktails at Casa Gangotena are the most effective in Quito.

Even the Regular Cocktails Have Flare

You could possibly ponder if you can just simply get a standard drink like an outdated fashioned at Casa Gangotena. Indeed – you can…but there looks to be nothing at all easy in Jossimar’s entire world.
Even my Outdated Fashioned arrived out on a exclusive wooden try out made exclusively for this consume. There was a total arms-on process of placing the consume collectively at the desk. The waiter had to walk me as a result of the process!

And eventually he’s even experienced the bar staff in his innovative strategies to make a cocktail exclusively for YOU. The bar team will listen to people’s preferences and deliver a personalized cocktail customized to your tastes…and mood at the second.

Casa Gangotena bar quito

You like sour?
Or a blend of these?
No trouble.

You want joyful?
No issue.

This is how I ended up with a charming martini with a few twists.

I not only beloved the cocktails, but I beloved this overall principle of serving up a tale that delivers you nearer to the local lifestyle. You do not just consume, you discover and drink at the similar time! If you are viewing Quito, be certain to stop in and get pleasure from the tales at Casa Gangotena in which you’ll find the finest cocktails in Quito.


I was a guest of Metropolitan Touring on this excursion.  However, all views expressed here are my individual.