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A Holistic Approach To Sales-Selling And Life: Part 1

A Holistic Approach To Sales-Selling And Life: Part 1

Sales has a bad name lets face it us salespeople are seen as dishonest by nature. We embellish the truth about a product, we plump the figures and we lie to ourselves as to why we do not reach target. This dishonesty causes internal conflict which makes us ether physically sick or manifests as stress.

We work in an industry that is based on being untruthful; firstly, our managers lie us the salespeople. We are told that those targets are reachable within the working week and if we don’t reach target it’s our fault, this in turn pushes us to use more manipulation to reach that target.

We are sent on sales training that should be called manipulation 101 we are taught to pull people in verbally, ask open question to gain information to manipulate them later in the conversation and then to move them to the point where they can not say no. what sort of training is this? The whole industry is so damn false. As you can tell this sort of culture upsets me. This use of manipulation does not tie into how I see myself. I see myself as an honest individual with morels. I like people but I don’t like getting them to buy something that won’t be the best thing for them. I want to treat people how I would like to be treated.

Today, salespeople need to take a different approach, a holistic approach. A salesperson needs to build him or her self from the inside out “what is thought within manifests outside” this is the true key to success.

We are now moving into the realms of manifesting and cosmic ordering. This in the past; was called positive thinking we can rationalise it our minds anyway we like, call it anything we like but its still the same thing.

Changing the way you think or more accurately your “Self Talk” is the quickest and most effective way of carrying out change. Some points to think about

1. Focus on the positive outcome that you want not the method of getting there

2. Focus on the good things around you

3. Ignore the negative

4. Focus on the outcome in the present tense

5. Be honest with your self and others

Focus on the positive outcome that you want

The most important part is knowing the out come you want to any situation. If you just move blindly towards something that is to general, a lot of the time you’re going to miss. Also be aware not to focus on things you don’t want. for example don’t say to your self “I don’t want to be poor” do say “I want to have $1000 by this date” .The method of getting there is not important. You will find that as you focus on the outcome that there will be coincidences and just plain old good luck that will put you in the right place at the right time.

Focus on the good things around you

Reword your self talk and always see the positive; an example is I myself have put on a few pounds over the past few years before I would say to my self that I was fat but now I focus on the positive aspect of I don’t feel the cold as I used to . We can find positive things in most situations

Ignore the negative

Giving attention to negative things makes them bigger like a naughty child we don’t want to give our energy to them

Focus on the outcome in the present tense

When you do your self talk say it in the present tense Like “I have $10000” and act accordingly

Be honest with your self and others

When you are an honest person you get the reputation as being strait with people and being a “no bull” type of person. When I’m buying something from a sales person I want to deal with a “no bull” person who is going to be honest with me. I will return to that person if I need to make a repeat purchase because I respect honest people that I can trust.

In A holistic approach to sales, selling and life: part 2

We will be investigating personality building is it a wiser investment then sales training.