A Glider Kite for Christmas

A Glider Kite for Christmas

An eight year old boy who loves kites was given an Aerobe Wala Glider Kite for Christmas. This amazing kite by Flying Wings took on a whole new meaning when put in the hands of Joey, the son of one of our office secretaries. For Joey, his excitement escalated when he realized that this new Glider Kite could fly in zero wind, or fly in winds up to 18 miles per hour. Of course, on Christmas morning, even with no wind at his home in Las Vegas, Joey had to have his dad put the kite together, and off he went out to his cull de sac to launch his bright yellow Glider Kite. Yes, with no wind, and to Joey’s surprise, his new kite really flew and stayed in the air.

Needless to say, Joey was a hit in the neighborhood and all the kids were impressed with such a fun flying kite, especially since there wasn’t any wind. Because his dad had set the kite up with the rods and D-connector on the front side of the sail, the Aerobe Wala became a true glider kite and floated through the air with ease!

For the winter break and family vacation, California and the beach were going to be the family’s destination. Of course this was great with Joey because he could take his new glider kite and fly in the wind along the ocean. He had his father help him change the rods and the D-connector to the back side of the sail so the kite could fly in the wind. Besides this, he also attached the colorful streamers that would work well in the wind and would even add more excitement to the kite as it flew through the air.

Joey was so excited and couldn’t wait to get to the beach to try out his new Aerobe Wala kite in the wind. He couldn’t believe his parents were taking their time and just visiting with everyone. He was ready to go, and yet they seemed to not be in any hurry at all. What were they thinking? Finally, his family and other relatives decided to go to down to the beach and stop at the Santa Monica Pier. Joey was now in the best of moods, and happily went along with his new kite! While everyone continued to visit and socialize, Joey ran right to the beach and was ready to fly. The ocean breeze and winds were perfect, so up went the bright yellow glider. Joey was so happy to see his colorful kite flying along the beach and against the blue sky that off he went. As his parents and family were watching and visiting, they realized that Joey’s eight year old legs were moving faster and faster, and he was running with his kite down the beach. Not wanting to spoil the moment, Joey’s parents began their beach running exercise, too. It wasn’t long before they noticed they had gone quite a distance with Joey and the kite! With the kite’s yellow glow and streamers flying, they soon realized they had gone clear to Venice Beach! Once again, Joey and his kite were a hit, and everyone noticed him and his great flying skills.

As the afternoon came to a close, Joey brought his kite down, and with the nighttime reluctance of a young boy, he agreed to pack up his kite for the day. His parents assured him there would be other days to fly and Joey, once again, thanked them for his Christmas Glider Kite!