A Classic Paddling Adventure on the White Sand Beaches

A Classic Paddling Adventure on the White Sand Beaches

Experience warm welcomes at local villages, a kava ceremony and snorkelling with clear views of the undersea world. Book a travel package in advance for the best prices on Fiji flights and Fiji hotels.

Sea Kayaking Adventure

Lined up like beads, 20 volcanic islands make up the Yasawa group. The group extends nearly 90 kilometres in the lagoon formed by Fiji’s world-famous diving destination, the Great Sea Reef. The four largest islands have peaks rising 600 metres above the sea. These exotic islands have their own separate culture, rugged ancient volcanic formations and exquisitely clear lagoon waters.

Well-equipped paddling tours led by expert guides start from Nadi on Viti Levu, (Big Fiji), and wend through these scenic islands via a route based on the tides.

Paddling between islands with the thrill of discovery, swimming in the refreshing aqua waters and enjoying village visits and tropical dining with friendly local people makes sea kayaking tours the best way to experience these exotic Islands.

Snorkelling and Diving

Undersea caves, brilliant fish, and brightly-coloured corals offer spectacular sights for scuba diving, snorkelling and underwater photography. Fiji, the “Soft Coral Capital of the World,” also has hard coral, sponges and magnificent fish and undersea creatures. Coral is actually a carnivorous animal related to sea anemones. Coral skeletons form a reef, and new coral grows over the old skeletons.

Snorkelling and swimming in the lagoon provide refreshing breaks on the kayaking tour.

Fiji Accommodation

Staying in the Yasawa Islands offers the advantage of being in the midst of these exotic islands and close to the diving action. Views of white sand beaches and smiling local people greet guests Fiji hotels.

Enjoy “Meke,” a Fijian dance performed in colourful, traditional costumes with a “Kava”, an island drink with mild intoxicating properties. Learn a few words of the Vuda dialect, the separate language of these islands. Trek the tall islands, Waya and Wayasewa.

Tavewa, Yasawa and Nanuya Levu (Turtle Island) are among the Yasawa Islands with hotels and resorts that feature warm Fijian hospitality. The top resorts provide diving gear for guests. Fiji holiday packages including flight and accommodation help travellers to save money and have peace of mind as they won’t have many extra expenses during the trip.

By booking a Fiji holiday packages travel package with flight and accommodation included, travellers get savings, peace of mind and the right lodgings for their budgets and needs.

Fiji Flights to Nadi

Fiji flights from Sydney arrive at Nadi International Airport in about four hours. The Queen’s Road from the airport to Nadi Town has duty-free shops, local crafts, and a variety of shops and restaurants. Nadi is a popular resort area and base for Fiji kayaking adventures because of its warm, drier climate. To the southwest, Suva, Fiji’s vibrant capital, gets much more rain.

Nadi offers many Fiji hotels, including budget, moderate and luxurious options. Lodgings here are convenient to the launch point for sea kayaking tours to Yasawa Islands’ white sand beaches.