5 Ideas For Fun Dates (Part 1)

5 Ideas For Fun Dates (Part 1)

I recently watched one of my favourite romantic comedies, Hitch, starring Will Smith. I always laugh at his attempts to impress Sara Melas (the stunning Eva Mendes) by carefully planning fun dates, only for them to go spectacularly wrong. I later had a beer with a friend who had been on a first date with a woman he had fancied for a long time, and what started off as simple gossip turned into a brainstorming session on ideas for fun dates.

You have probably got loads of ideas of your own for fun dates but if you are struggling for inspiration (seeing as Valentines Day is around the corner!) then here are some suggestions:

1. Ice Skating

This is always good fun. It gives you a chance to hold hands and if, like myself you actually cannot skate then it also shows that you are able to laugh at yourself by looking stupid in front of your date.

2. Theme Parks

If you live fairly close to a theme park then this could be a good laugh. You can walk and talk, sit down and relax with an ice cream, and also enjoy the adrenalin rush of the largest roller coaster in the park.

3. Go-Karting

Definitely one for the list of fun dates although you do not really do much talking! It appeals to the more competitive side and is often a good laugh provided that you do not take it too seriously!

4. Wine Tasting

Ok, so wine tasting was not going to be on my list of my fun dates but my friend made a good case for it and I can see how a few glasses of wine can lighten the mood. It is also a little bit more social and there is an opportunity to make it less intense by being able to talk with people around you as well.

5. A good bar

While this is by no means original it is definitely my personal choice. It is uncomplicated, relaxed and gives you a great chance to talk and laugh over a few drinks. While the other ideas demonstrate some creativity I think that this is the safest bet and I personally would chose one of the other ideas for a second or third date – basically, once I know her a little bit better.

These ideas for fun dates are different to the norm but not completely original. I think that they could be great for either a first date or for couples looking for something different.