4 Sales Scripts to Convert Sellers Into Customers in Minutes

4 Sales Scripts to Convert Sellers Into Customers in Minutes

When you are calling on FSBO’s, Expired prospects, and even Short Sale prospects they are naturally skeptical. After all, even when they have responded from your marketing pieces they still have their guard up. Most people are naturally skeptical and when anyone has to deal with a “salesman” their guard goes up even higher!

In real estate many agents focus on listings. Listings are a great point of leverage as you can market for additional listings once you have taken one in your favorite neighborhood. You also have the opportunity to generate more buyer calls when you have a great inventory of homes to sell. To help you take more listings, I invite you to consider the 5 following sales script tips to convert strangers into customers.

  1. 85% Rule – 85% of leads aren’t just a waste of time; they are a TOTAL waste of time. Some sellers will try to get you to do a FREE analysis, chat all day, or will even hang up on you. No matter where your leads come from there are no “perfect leads”. Remember this rule and you won’t get discouraged when you run into a few people who have had a bad day and take it out on you.
  2. Stop Selling – Stop telling the prospect about yourself. Don’t tell them how many awards you have. Stop sharing with them how you will give “110%”. People don’t care about you. The less you talk about yourself and the more you get the prospect to share with you, the higher your conversion rate will be.
  3. Ask Questions – You can’t just ask any questions, dig deep with interest piquing questions. Ask questions that allow the prospect to see that you have more to offer. Ask questions that will help the prospect transform their opinion of you from “salesman” to “expert”. Probe with interest piquing questions like “would you like to discover how a 117 point marketing plan can get your home sold for top dollar in any market?”
  4. Make it Easy to Take the Next Step – Once you have asked enough questions, make it easy for them to take action. For sellers you usually want to meet them in their home. Don’t let them suggest an appointment time, give them the option of two different times to meet. For example, “Sounds like we might have a match, would it be better to meet on Thursday at 5pm or Saturday at 10am?”

When your sales scripts pique interest and make it easy for the prospect to say “yes” to an appointment you will start taking more listings daily.

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