3 Factors That Have Impacted The Indonesian App Development Industry The Most

3 Factors That Have Impacted The Indonesian App Development Industry The Most

The sector of mobile app development in Indonesia has progressed amazingly in the global ecosystem. It is a young and growing industry with a massive potential of attracting huge foreign and domestic investment. With the number of mobile apps coming to the market every day, the amount of revenue generated by the Indonesian mobile app industry is astonishingly high. By upgrading their capabilities and offerings in line with emerging technologies, the mobile app development companies over here have shown strong character and readiness to face present-day challenges.

Let’s check out the factors that have enormous impact behind the growing app development market in Indonesia-

Rise in mobile-phone penetration and decline in data costs

The number of Indonesians with access to internet is growing fast and has grown by nearly seven times since 2009. Currently, the country has a smartphone user base of over 60 million, with smartphone penetration reaching Tier III and IV cities, due to the availability of more affordable smartphones. Indonesia has established itself as one of Asia’s foremost mobile-first nations. After China and India, the third-largest smartphone market in the Asia-Pacific region is Indonesia. Online retail is growing rapidly in Southeast Asia’s largest economy because both Internet and smartphone penetration are rising sharply. E-commerce apps are enjoying great popularity among the Indonesians and app development companies are coming up with brilliant features with their apps each and every day.

Reliance on app-based services

From accessing tutorial classes and booking cabs, to making restaurant reservations and shopping online, young Indonesian population are relying on apps for almost every reason. The days of visiting the websites for daily activities are over as mobile apps made it easier for every one of us to buy, sell or even run a business. We are getting heavily app-dependent, and taking this growing propensity among the user, Indonesian app development firms are involving in crafting more specialized apps that will offer a fantastic user experience. With lots of potential growth in semi-rural and rural, different types of online shopping apps are allowing Indonesian consumers to source, buy and find hard-to-find goods. The way things are going, it is not hard to imagine that in the coming future, almost every service will be given via customized apps.

Investments of foreign Technology firms

Large tech companies such as Expedia, Google, Alibaba are investing heavily on Indonesia and this country is flooded by foreign capital making it the largest economy in Southeast Asia. Tech-entrepreneurs from all over the world are showing their interest in this country and certainly, it has helped for the 360- degree development of Indonesia’s Information and Technology sector. Today Indonesia is one of the world’s fastest-growing Internet markets, as well as home to many newly-minted tech unicorns. Renowned mobile app development companies are sharing their technology with the Indonesian firms, hiring talented persons to their company, starting up new ventures and most importantly sharing their technical skills.

Even a few years ago, Indonesia used to rely heavily on the tech-giant India for its IT projects. But the country has made a remarkable progress in IT sector and become a self-dependent country to cater all the technological needs of the nation as well as offering digital assistance to the other countries. As Indonesians ascend to the higher echelons of consumerism, Indonesians will purchase more, shop more, and do more with the mobile application. A summation of multiple factors such as technological, economical and socio-political in nature, have impacted the Indonesian app development industry in recent times.