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13 Awesome Photos From a Bolivian Salt Flat Tour

13 Awesome Photos From a Bolivian Salt Flat Tour

For a definitely out-of-this-planet journey destination, it is challenging to compare the Salar de Uyuni. The 4,000-sq.-mile salt flats had been fashioned by prehistoric lakes tens of millions of yrs back. Site visitors travel in 4×4 motor vehicles throughout the most significant salt flats in the earth to go to locally produced buildings produced fully from bricks of salt. The salt flats are at their most stunning soon after rain, when h2o sitting atop the salt functions like a significant mirror, flawlessly reflecting the sky and all earlier mentioned.

1. Salar de Uyuni bike trip

13 Awesome Shots from a Bolivian Salt Flat Tour

The photographs are organized by time of day starting up at dawn and ending at midnight. So you will get to see what the salt flats glance like at all hours of the day.

2. Salt Flats Llama Encounter

Daytime Photos from a Bolivian Salt Flat Tour

Most tourists photograph the salt flats with “perspective” shots, where by 1 object appears modest in contrast to a further like a trinket, or a man or woman greater than other persons. I was equipped to get fairly a handful of fantastic ones with our close friend Lucy the llama.

3. salt flat image thoughts

4. salt flats geometric shapes

When it rains on the salt flats

All through the wet time, the salt flats will be protected by a thin layer of water generating a mirror-like visual appearance. The sky and objects all all-around are reflected in the water developing a breathtaking scene.

5. A Cloudy Working day on the Salt Flats in Uyuni

13 Awesome Photos From a Bolivian Salt Flat Tour

6. Salt pile pyramids

7. unbelievable mountain reflections

8. Lifting the solar up

Sunset Photos – Bolivian Salt Flat Tour

Actively playing with the viewpoint of the solar, sunset pictures can make for some gorgeous surroundings. Make absolutely sure your tour stays long sufficient to see the sunset on the salt flats so you never overlook this attractive sight.

9. The rainbow environment of Uyuni

10. the sunset proposal

Evening Shots from a Bolivian Salt Flat Tour

Capturing the milky way in the night time sky throughout the salt flats is magical. The reflections of the stars off of the h2o make you sense as if you’re in a fairytale. No issue which time of calendar year you check out, rain or no rain, the evening sky is attractive and not to be missed.

11. Stars to infinity and beyond

12. the blue milkyway reflections

13. Stars for times

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13 Awesome Photos From a Bolivian Salt Flat Tour