10 Best Eco-Friendly Brands for Hemp Shoes

10 Best Eco-Friendly Brands for Hemp Shoes

Guide to the best hemp shoes for men and women, including hemp sandals and boots, and where to buy them

Footwear industries have always had a bad reputation for their negative environmental impact.

Fortunately, the growing consciousness of the need for ethical footwear has made them rethink their products.

Hemp shoes are one such great alternative to traditional leather footwear.

Companies are now adopting a sustainable approach to offer environment-friendly choices to their customers.

They are constantly working towards reducing waste and carbon footprint by using sustainable materials.

10 Best Eco-Friendly Brands for Hemp Shoes
Watch this turn into shoes!

Enter hemp. This natural fiber is excellent for shoes as it is strong, durable, and has antibacterial properties.

It also requires less water and can grow without harmful chemicals or fertilizers. 

Many popular footwear brands are now coming up with trendy hemp slippers, sneakers, and even boots.

I love hemp shoes as they are comfortable, look amazing, and make me feel good about the environment. 

Hopefully, you’ll find your next favorite shoes amidst this list of the best hemp shoe brands.

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Overview: The Top 4 Hemp Shoe Brands


  • Dependency on renewable energy sources in the manufacturing units
  • Plants trees all over to offset the carbon footprint  
  • 100% vegan shoes

8000Kicks offers shoes made from premium industrial hemp. Its name is inspired by the period when hemp fabric was initially used, i.e. 8000 BC.

This brand aims to bring this super strong, resistant, and ecological fabric back to the mainstream shoe industry. 

Although 8000Kicks was started less than 5 years ago, it is accoladed with many firsts to its name.

For starters, these are the world’s first waterproof hemp shoes and also the first to have insoles made from hemp. 

The shoes are also dustproof which keeps them clean, dry, and durable, and feature ecological bloom outsoles made of algae that make the shoe flexible and lightweight. 

8000Kicks shoes are best suited for individuals with an active lifestyle and they make great sustainable running shoes.

These men’s and women’s hemp shoes are trendy and are perfect to ace the everyday casual style.


  • All shoes are PETA approved vegan
  • Shoes with thermo-regulating and moisture-wicking ability to keep sweat away

Established in 2015, Bohempia presents an environment-friendly take on elegant fashion.

Right from growing hemp to the manufacturing of the final product, all its processes are ethically done in the European Union.

All of Bohempia’s creations proudly have PETA-approved vegan certificates. 

The brand offers comfortable, lightweight, and flexible hemp shoes women will love to wear. 

The simple, minimalist, and timeless designs will fit any occasion and will go well with all your outfits.

The shoes from Bohempia are extremely durable as they are stitched with double seams for increased strength. 

The features that make Bohempia shoes stand out are their antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties.

This ensures that your feet feel dry, fresh, and odor-free. 

This is also one of the best hemp clothing brands with an attractive collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and socks.

Bohempia also put the unusable scraps of hemp fabric to best use by making tote bags out of it.

If you are looking for sustainable gifts for outdoorsy people under $50, this is an ideal choice.


  • Part of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) companies
  • Works with our supply chain partners to reduce overall energy usage

Sanuk is a brand that has established a distinct name for itself in the ethical shoe industry.

The brand focuses on making your feet smile while passing on joy to the earth and future generations.

Their incredible sustainability journey has made Sanuk a part of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).

All Sanuk hemp shoes take comfort to the next level as they are ultra-lightweight and feature soft lining.

They prefer to use hemp not just because of its durability, but also because it saves energy and water.

Over the years, the brand has been able to further reduce its CO2 emissions by switching to hemp fabric. 

The diverse range of Sanuk hemp footwear includes everything from hemp flip flops and slip-on to sneakers.

They even offer yoga mat sandals and stylish hemp dress shoes for women!

Sanuk has also partnered with the environmental organization named Surfrider Foundation to help keep the oceans pristine and clean.

This partnership takes it a step closer to its goal of making the world a happier place.


  • Machine washable shoes that guarantee enhanced durability

Sustainability is a way of life at Rothy’s where they aim for a zero-waste circular future.

By creating shoes from 100% environment-friendly materials like recycled rPET, rubber, and hemp they are one of the top recycled clothing brands.

All the hemp shoes at Rothy’s are breathable and are given finishing touches by hand after knitting for superior comfort. 

The brand encourages slow fashion and its shoes are designed to last for years.

As such, all of Rothy’s shoes are machine washable and stay as good as new throughout their life. 

Rothy’s is committed to sustainability in every step right from sourcing the materials and manufacturing, to shipping.

The innovative 3D knitting technology aids in reducing material waste by up to 30%.

They own their workshop and maintain a tight supply chain to ensure all activities are within its ethical goals. 

Additionally, Rothy’s is currently in the process of creating a recycling option for worn-out shoes. 

Besides hemp shoes, they also have sustainable bags that make brilliant outdoor gifts for women.


  • 5000-mile warranty on the patented soles

Xero introduces itself as an “Environmentally Intelligent” footwear brand with a mission to be respectful of the planet.

The brand boasts an impeccable range of flexible and lightweight hemp shoes. 

If you are in search of simple and cozy hemp women’s shoes, Xero will spoil you for choice.

They promote minimalist designs that require fewer materials and energy to manufacture, and that doesn’t compromise on durability either as the soles come with a 5000-mile warranty. 

Xero prefers everything to be natural, right from the materials used to the movement of feet while wearing its shoes.

Because of this, all Xero footwears have wide toe boxes to let the toes spread naturally. The non-elevated zero-drop heels also allow for right posture and balance. 

Xero’s cool weather hemp casual boots with faux-shearling collars redefine the meaning of comfort.

They also have hemp men’s shoes with removable insoles for a natural barefoot experience. 

The fact that these hemp shoes have been featured on renowned media networks gives a hint of their popularity.

From coffee dates, night outs, and classes to the workplace, Xero can be your go-to shoes for every occasion.


  • All shoes are vegan 
  • G® Rubber outsole for outstanding grip during adventures

Astral makes high-performance hemp shoes for your thrilling outdoor adventures.

Many of Astral’s shoes feature uppers made from hemp combined with 100% recycled materials like polyester.

Their durable and comfy hemp boots and mountain sneakers are ideal for hiking, biking, and skating.

This is because most Astral hemp shoes feature G rubber outsoles that give excellent grip and balance on the trail. 

The durability, breathability, and rot resistance features of Astral hemp shoes are unmatched. They are stylish and versatile and can even be worn to work or your casual travels.

Astral is also a popular brand among adventure seekers for sustainable life jackets made from recycled materials.

Renowned wave surfer Garrett McNamara and kayaker Nouria Newman are ambassadors of Astral shoes.

Many other popular adventurers also recommend them for their reliability and eco-friendly products.

Astral makes some of my favorite vegan hiking boots for women and men.


  • Foam soles promote biodegradation and break down quickly when recycled

The team at Rackle loves the environment and encourages its customers to make earth-friendly choices.

This US-based brand takes pride in offering super-sustainable shoes made from hemp. 

The ultra-comfortable and lightweight Rackle shoes are amazing for all seasons.

The credit for this goes to their thermally conductive hemp uppers that keep you cool in summers and warm when it is cold.

Additionally, all Rackle shoes are breathable, water-resistant, and UV resistant to let you feel fresh. 

Rackle is one of the most sustainable shoe brands with a mission to reduce the footwear industry’s impact on the earth.

Their EcoPure® foam soles promote bio-degradation and break down 30-50 times faster than regular soles.

Even the laces in Rackle shoes are made from high-grade hemp and 100% recycled materials.

The brand also uses innovative technology to ensure the durability and superior performance of its shoes.

Rackle’s three-density foam sole design and plush cushioning offer great support and comfort. 

The women’s and men’s hemp shoes from Rackle come in pleasant colors and will match almost all your outfits.


  •  Shoe laces are  made from 100% jute fiber or recycled materials

If you are looking for hemp shoe brands that will let you create a style statement, Vans is the right choice.

Vans has an expertise of over 55 years in the shoe-making industry and is known for its durability. 

Their Circle Vee collection is a fantastic initiative to reduce waste and create a positive impact on the environment.

These trendy shoes are made from 95% hemp and organic cotton blends.

They feature responsibly sourced natural rubber outsoles and laces made from 100% jute fiber. 

Vans also offers eco-theory shoes with 50% hemp and an overall print that reminds us to take care of the earth.

The classic hemp slip-on shoes provide superior comfort all day and are great for traveling.

For every sale of Circle vee products, Vans donate $1 to the ocean conservancy organization.

Additionally, Vans aims to meet its sustainability goals by eliminating single-use plastics from the packaging soon.

If you are in the market for great gifts for outdoor lovers under $20, you’ll find practical and affordable socks, sunglasses, and more at Vans.

best ​​shoes made from hemp, person wearing black shoes with white laces from vegetarian shoes


  • Hemp shoes made in the European community

Vegetarian Shoes is renowned for making sustainable fashion a reality since 1990.

Despite the name, the brand is actually 100% vegan and features several vegan-friendly hemp footwear options for men and women.

Although, Vegetarian Shoes still operates out of a Gardner Street shop in Brighton, the company ships all its products worldwide. 

Their hemp shoes are manufactured in The European Community with high quality and organic materials.

The shoes with uppers made from Hemp are designed to be stylish and comfortable. These shoes are breathable and can be worn for years to come.

The classic black hemp sneakers with padded collar, insole, and grippy rubber soles are great for everyday use.

Vegetarian Shoes also have a stunning collection of walking shoes and all-black trainer shoes to accompany you on your fitness journey. 

One thing to keep in mind is that their hemp-made shoes are not water-resistant.

However, they also offer shoes made from materials like vegetan micro suited for aquatic adventures.

This brand is also popular for its fashionable vegan winter boots and sustainable hiking boots.

best hemp flip flops, white and blue rainbow hemp sandals with fish detail


  • Use of environment-friendly patented adhesive
  • Repairs used sandals to reduce waste

Rainbow Sandals is a brand trusted by customers for superior quality and comfort.

Created in 1974, Rainbow Sandals makes sandals that not just look and feel great, but also last long.

The Rainbow hemp sandals are a nod to exceptional style, sustainability, and durability. Its top sole and straps are made from the highest quality of natural hemp. 

The signature styles from Rainbow Sandals are available for both men and women and are perfect for casual outings. 

The brand’s sandals are created with the best designs and are incredibly durable.

Rainbow Sandals have even created an environment-friendly patented adhesive for their sandals. The layers of the sandals are triple glued to ensure maximum strength. 

All of their shoes have features like handcrafted midsole, double stitching, box toe construction, and anti-slip bottom sole to provide super support.

The brand believes in the philosophy of repair, reuse, and recycling.

After you have used the sandals, you can return them and they will repair and donate them to the needy. It is a very thoughtful initiative to reduce wastage and help society.

Buying Guide: What to look out for when buying Hemp Shoes

Check the material composition of the shoe

While buying hemp shoes make sure that you check the percentage of hemp used in the making of a shoe.

For instance, if it has only 2% hemp and 98% leather, it doesn’t contribute to your sustainable fashion goals.

You must consider buying shoes that are entirely made of hemp or a mix of hemp with other eco-friendly materials.

Check the water-resistance feature of the shoe

Although hemp shoes dry quickly, not all of them are water-resistant.

If you are getting a shoe for rainy days or water sports, it is important to look for the water-resistance feature.

Some shoes work well after the use of waterproofing spray, but it might reduce the shoe’s flexibility.

It’s a better idea to purchase the shoe according to how you are planning to use it

Check the comfort

Almost all hemp shoes are breathable and designed in a way to offer you superior comfort.

However, if you take the wrong shoe size, the experience won’t be quite pleasant. Check with the brand about how to choose the right shoe size.

Additionally, you can also check features like cushioned insoles and flexible outsoles for guaranteed comfort.

Short FAQs about Hemp Shoes

Can shoes be made from hemp?

Yes, absolutely! We’re always finding new and innovative ways to use plants.

Are hemp shoes durable?

Hemp shoes are not only extremely durable, but they are also very environmentally friendly.

Are hemp shoes comfortable?

While this will be down to individual experience, most hemp shoe brands place comfortability as one of their main goals in all their shoes. I have tried many hemp shoes and always had very happy feet!